One Word Linkup {September}

I am honestly scared to share my “One Word” progress this month. Why? Well…. I had high hopes for rest this past month, but rest most certainly did not happen at all. Just to recap a few things that highlighted my month of “health”: 1. Too little rest 2. Too little exercise 3. Too many […]

One Word Linkup! {August?!}

How in the world is in already August?! Craziness! Is anyone out there still doing their “One Word”? If you are, how is it going? I have discovered one very important item missing from my quest for “health” this year. I have concentrated on diet and exercise, but have recently read about one important aspect […]

Health, FitOrbit Review, and One Word Linkup Party {june}

We are half-way through the year!!! How in the world did that happen?! If you remember last month, you know I was frustrated. I was not making progress and was just feeling like giving up. However, this month, I am happy to say that I have made PROGRESS! I am so excited! First, before I […]

One Word Linkup {may}


How’s your “One Word” going? Are you still trucking along or do you hardly remember your “one word”? Keep going, sweet friends! Today is a fresh start! My “one word” is HEALTH, and today I am SICK. Not good. I have found that eating good foods is really quite easy for me. Sometimes I fall […]

Monthly One Word Linkup Party {april}


  Are you still hanging in there with your “One Word”? Don’t give up! You can make baby steps or just call today a “start over” day! This month I am taking more “baby steps”…. and I think they are adding up! I have started using the My FitnessPal (FREE) app on my phone, and it […]

Monthly One Word Linkup Party! {march}

I’m a day early but I wanted to give you a little notice in case you haven’t written a post this month yet. (Also, I have a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE giveaway tomorrow so I wanted to share that hint early so you could come back to enter). We’re just keeping it simple and real this […]

Monthly One Word Linkup Party! {february}


I like to put things in little boxes. I actually love to organize … my closets, my schedule, my life. Just last month, when I chose “health” to be my one word for 2013, I immediately recognized the need for a new little box in my life. I was missing the “health” box, so I excitedly […]

How To Get a One Word Button — Ending Jan 31!

Over 700 buttons later…… And requests are still coming in! That’s wonderful, and I am so happy to create buttons for so many others! However, I NEED YOUR HELP! If you are asked where you got your button or if you are linking to my blog about your button, would you please do me a […]

Monthly One Word Linkup Party! {january}


One word. Who thought just one little world could have such an impact on our perspective for the new year? I have a little secret to share with you… What it I told you that TWO little words could have an even larger impact? It’s true! “Keep going”. “You can” “Press on” “Don’t stop” At […]