How I QUIT My Sugar Habit

How I QUIT My Sugar Habit

I have always had a “sweet tooth”. I LOVE all things sweet and carb-y. However, I’ve been noticing the ole metabolism ain’t what she used to be, and that every time I eat sweets, I start feeling really cranky a couple hours later. I needed a sugar intervention. Surprisingly, once I decided to eat better, […]

Ultimate Healthy Living eBook bundle — On sale NOW (for 6 days ONLY!)


Do you love eBooks? This Ultimate Healthy Living eBook bundle contains an entire LIBRARY of healthy living eBooks! (Over $1000 value for $29.97 — that’s 95% discount compared to buying them all separately!!!) Check out some of the great eBooks that are included! 6 Days Only! HURRY because it’s only on sale for 6 days […]

It Feels So Good to Sit Down and Be Able to Type This Post to You… {on quitting, the internet, my blog make-under, and finally figuring out my blog purpose}


1997 “Well, what should we do now?” My then-boyfriend, now-husband, and I looked at one another after our movie was over. We had ridden to the movie theater with his roommate, who was watching The Titanic, and had at least another hour before his movie was over. It was the 90’s — before texting, of […]

10 Tricks to Get Healthy … in a hurry!


Are you feeling sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? If so, today is the day to start taking better care of your health! You don’t have to change your entire life at one time – there are some very simple, easy steps you can take today to get healthier. Trust me, you’ll be […]

I don’t have time … to be (un)healthy

Busy Mom Healthy Eating

It’s that time of year when we pack away the bulky sweaters that have so conveniently hidden the evidence of the Christmas cookie overdose that took place during the “polar vortex” (ahem) and get out lighter, less forgiving clothes like those pesky sleeveless tops. For many people, looking great in a swimsuit is motivation to […]

One Word Linkup! {August?!}

How in the world is in already August?! Craziness! Is anyone out there still doing their “One Word”? If you are, how is it going? I have discovered one very important item missing from my quest for “health” this year. I have concentrated on diet and exercise, but have recently read about one important aspect […]

Top 10 Must Have Essential Oils for Families

Everyday oils pic

As many of you know, my “one word” for 2013 is “HEALTH”. I am so excited to learn more about improving my health, so when my friend, Stacy contacted me and asked if I would like to learn more about essential oils, I was thrilled! I know nothing about essential oils, but I keep seeing […]

Health, FitOrbit Review, and One Word Linkup Party {june}

We are half-way through the year!!! How in the world did that happen?! If you remember last month, you know I was frustrated. I was not making progress and was just feeling like giving up. However, this month, I am happy to say that I have made PROGRESS! I am so excited! First, before I […]

One Word Linkup {may}


How’s your “One Word” going? Are you still trucking along or do you hardly remember your “one word”? Keep going, sweet friends! Today is a fresh start! My “one word” is HEALTH, and today I am SICK. Not good. I have found that eating good foods is really quite easy for me. Sometimes I fall […]