5 Steps to a Fun Family Movie Night at Home!


Family Movie Night is one of my family’s favorite weekend events. After a busy week of work and school, we love to unwind with a good, clean movie that makes us all laugh. Rather than pay expensive theatre prices, we prefer to watch movies at home — an added plus is an unlimited supply of […]

Because I Want to Remember Every Moment of Motherhood…


My kids are no longer babies. In fact, they are lean, gangly, all legs-and-arms creatures who eat everything in the pantry and can carry on conversations with adults at any time. When I think about how fast it’s going, my heart aches a bit inside. I’m happy they are healthy and growing. I’m thrilled when […]

The One about the Hole where My Ceiling Used to Be


Some days are good, but some days are a pain in the rump. Literally. We noticed that since the temperature outside has been heating up to the 90’s, that our AC vents needed to be adjusted a bit. My husband decided to take care of it today, and I didn’t think a thing about him […]

15 Years of Marriage


15 years ago today, I was a princess bride. Tonight, I’m eating spaghetti and doing laundry. That, my friend, is marriage. I have to chuckle when I think of how different this date is across the years.¬†But I think life is more beautiful now… In the past 15 years, my husband and I have walked […]

Protect Your Children Online This Summer!


Summer is just around the corner, and with that comes more access to electronics for most of our children. Just like we always remember to protect our children from the sun by applying sunscreen, we need to remember to protect their hearts from inappropriate material online! It is so easy to stumble upon inappropriate material […]

Super Easy Minecraft Birthday Cake Idea

minecraft game

Today I thought I’d tell you a little about what’s been going on here since I’ve been offline. My oldest son just celebrated his 10th birthday and wanted a “Minecraft” theme birthday cake. Let me tell you, that was harder to find than I thought! First, just in case you don’t have a 10-year-old, “Minecraft” […]

It Feels So Good to Sit Down and Be Able to Type This Post to You… {on quitting, the internet, my blog make-under, and finally figuring out my blog purpose}


1997 “Well, what should we do now?” My then-boyfriend, now-husband, and I looked at one another after our movie was over. We had ridden to the movie theater with his roommate, who was watching The Titanic, and had at least another hour before his movie was over. It was the 90’s — before texting, of […]