Would Jesus Survive in Corporate America?


My 9-to-5 is in corporate America where I work as a software developer. After 15 years of sitting at a desk every day, working hard to meet deadlines, and enduring numerous meetings, I’ve come to one conclusion. “Humility” is a bad word in corporate America. To get in the door to a professional job, college […]

Prayers for America #PrayForAmerica #July4 #GodBlessAmerica


Would you join me in committing to pray for our country every day in July? No matter what you political party affiliations, we can all join together as one heart in prayer for our country and our leaders. There are countless ways to pray for our country, but if you need some ideas, here are […]

What is #TrueEquality?


We don’t really hear much about Jesus and equality. We talk about “equal rights” on hot topics like the ‪#‎MarriageEquality‬ debate and focus in on the one polarizing issue at hand, but Jesus had much to say about equality. He said it with His life, death, and resurrection… I can see Him hanging there on the cross, […]

Wilderness Prayer


  Wilderness can feel like many different things, Lord, but mostly it feels lonely and unending, even if we would never admit that to most people. “We’re fine“, we say. “Doing just great”. The truth, though, is that we feel lost. Wandering. Weighted down. Trying to find the purpose of this wilderness. Trying to find […]

September 11 – {a letter to my children}


A letter to my sons…. Dear Isaac & Jeremiah, It’s late and you are in bed sound asleep, unaware that tomorrow is the one day on the calendar that makes it hard to breathe. Maybe one midnight the calendar will turn to September 11, and I won’t feel sickening grief in the pit of my […]

Why I’m Saying “Yes” to the Small


Go big or go home. That’s seems to have been my life motto, somehow either born within me or bred throughout my years. I’m a competitor. Valedictorian. Type-A-Organizer. Achiever. Hard worker. (I don’t say this proudly, for you see, these attributes have also been my weakness). So many times we think that God only has […]

Maybe Following God is Alot Like Kindergarten


  My son was crying, and I was barely holding back tears. Sometimes being a little kid is hard. Sometimes being a mommy is harder. My day had been filled with more questions that answers. Work stress and decisions — good? bad? who knows? — combined with juggling life responsibilities had me waving the white […]

It Feels So Good to Sit Down and Be Able to Type This Post to You… {on quitting, the internet, my blog make-under, and finally figuring out my blog purpose}


1997 “Well, what should we do now?” My then-boyfriend, now-husband, and I looked at one another after our movie was over. We had ridden to the movie theater with his roommate, who was watching The Titanic, and had at least another hour before his movie was over. It was the 90’s — before texting, of […]

Christian Working Moms Should Stop Apologizing

Christian Working Mom

Hi, I’m Melanie, and I’m a Christian, working mom… and I think it’s about time I stop apologizing for it. For many years, I’ve felt the need to somehow justify my 9-to-5, especially within the Christian community. When asked what I do, I often responded with “I’m a software developer.” But instead of leaving my answer […]