Would Jesus Survive in Corporate America?


My 9-to-5 is in corporate America where I work as a software developer. After 15 years of sitting at a desk every day, working hard to meet deadlines, and enduring numerous meetings, I’ve come to one conclusion. “Humility” is a bad word in corporate America. To get in the door to a professional job, college […]

5 Steps to a Fun Family Movie Night at Home!


Family Movie Night is one of my family’s favorite weekend events. After a busy week of work and school, we love to unwind with a good, clean movie that makes us all laugh. Rather than pay expensive theatre prices, we prefer to watch movies at home — an added plus is an unlimited supply of […]

What is #TrueEquality?


We don’t really hear much about Jesus and equality. We talk about “equal rights” on hot topics like the ‪#‎MarriageEquality‬ debate and focus in on the one polarizing issue at hand, but Jesus had much to say about equality. He said it with His life, death, and resurrection… I can see Him hanging there on the cross, […]

How I QUIT My Sugar Habit

How I QUIT My Sugar Habit

I have always had a “sweet tooth”. I LOVE all things sweet and carb-y. However, I’ve been noticing the ole metabolism ain’t what she used to be, and that every time I eat sweets, I start feeling really cranky a couple hours later. I needed a sugar intervention. Surprisingly, once I decided to eat better, […]

Because I Want to Remember Every Moment of Motherhood…


My kids are no longer babies. In fact, they are lean, gangly, all legs-and-arms creatures who eat everything in the pantry and can carry on conversations with adults at any time. When I think about how fast it’s going, my heart aches a bit inside. I’m happy they are healthy and growing. I’m thrilled when […]

The One about the Hole where My Ceiling Used to Be


Some days are good, but some days are a pain in the rump. Literally. We noticed that since the temperature outside has been heating up to the 90’s, that our AC vents needed to be adjusted a bit. My husband decided to take care of it today, and I didn’t think a thing about him […]