Win a “God and Me” Children’s Devotional!

Do you ever struggle with how to explain God to a young child in a way that is easy for them to understand? I think many times, God seems like an idea to children that too large to grasp. However, God is in every moment of their day! It is so important to help them understand how much He loves each of them.


God and Me is a wonderful book of 365 daily devotions for both boys and girls ages 4 – 7. The book features fun, colorful photographs and short devotions with Scripture and prayers that help children understand God’s love in every detail of their daily lives. The language is very simple for children to understand and fosters great discussion during each devotion.

As soon as I read this description of the book, I knew I wanted to read it with my sons:

God and Me aims to help children find out all about God: what He is like, how He cares for them, and how He wants them to live in His world. Familiar situations and everyday experiences encourage children to think about Christian values, a simple way of introducing a lifelong relationship with God.

This wonderful book of devotions gives parents a way to connect with their children after (or before!) a busy day. It opens up communication so that children feel free to ask questions about God and who He is. It also helps children to discuss how they noticed God’s hand at work in their daily lives — when they start to see this, it is the most amazing feeling as a mom!

My son loves the bright colors and the sweet photos of other children like him. Also, the devotions are very short so they keep his attention. I love that each day includes Scripture and a prayer, which helps to teach my son how to pray.

If you would like to see a sample of the God and Me devotional, please take a look at this link which features a flipbook which shows some of the interior of the book.


Do you have a little one who would enjoy reading this book with you? If so, please enter to win this giveaway by simply leaving a comment below! Our sweet friends at Tommy Nelson have a book which they are kindly giving away to one winner.

To enter to win, please leave a comment about how you help you child see/feel God is with them! (Or if you don’t have a way, just tell us what you like best about this book!)

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  • ChristinaJ Burrell

    We try to pray out loud throughout the day and go on search of ways to praise God via walks, projects, etc…

  • Marcia

    I like how simple this reads. We were reading his children’s bible at night but he was falling asleep so I recently started doing it during breakfast. Much better!

  • Marcia

    Emailed it!

  • Karen

    We have the privilege of having our 2 grand-daughters, ages 4 1/2 and just 1 yr, spend a day and night with us every week…at bedtime we always snuggle together in bed and say our bedtime prayer, then we thank God for all he blesses us with, followed by all of the God bless mom, God bless dad…this goes on and on and on….what a very special time this is to us!

  • Courtney

    I try to focus on prayer with my kids. We also read the ABC Bible Verses book, but we get so much more reinforcement of faith through our church and its programs. Goes full circle.

  • Kelly

    We’d like a copy of this book so that we can start a tradition of including devotions in our daily life.

  • Linda

    I would love to win this for my grandchildren, ages 3, 5, and 6:)

  • Vicky D

    Love that the book uses pictures of kids. My grandkids love seeing pictures of other kids.

    • susan

      I would love to have this as a tool for grandchildren and also a tool for children’s moments at church

  • Cheryl W.

    I try to teach my daughter that God is with her, forever, no matter what. One way I help her to see and understand that is we verbal give God praise in both happy and sad moments. I think it is important to teach her that God is always there, not just in sad times, but also in happy times, and we want to share that emotion and thanksgiving with Him, because He cares about it all! Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter.

  • Glenda

    I am a new grandmother and have the privilege of spending a lot of time with my grandson. I have purchased several Christian-based board books. His parents and I read to him daily of God’s love.

  • kimberly

    I try to show my children how God is a part of every piece of our lives. He is in everything and without Him, we have nothing. I think this book would be great for my seven year old. He asks a lot of tough questions and I can tell he continually thinks about who God is and how he fits into God’s plan. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • kimberly

    I just pinned this. You can find it at

  • Eugenia

    Would so love to have this book in order to share it with a young mother!

  • KHohns

    I try to use prayer, bible songs and just talking with them. Even if its drive-time discussions.

  • Jill Hartley

    i would love to use this with our little girl landree

  • Jamie

    I would love to win this to read to my two boys at night before bed!

  • Ruth


  • Ruth Shrock

    This really looks like an incredible book! I love how its written in a simple easy-to-understand way for little kids!!!