One Word Linkup {September}


I am honestly scared to share my “One Word” progress this month.

Why? Well…. I had high hopes for rest this past month, but rest most certainly did not happen at all.

Just to recap a few things that highlighted my month of “health”:

1. Too little rest

2. Too little exercise

3. Too many Oreos

But the good news? We can start again! If you have had a not-so-great month, just dust yourself off with me, and let’s get back to it! Don’t give up! Hang in their with me, and let’s make this month a new beginning!

Now, how about YOU?! Please tell me what your plans are for the month or how the past month has gone! I would love to hear!

Please link up and share with us!


If you would also grab the button above, save it off to your computer, and use it in the post you are linking up, I would be most grateful.

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  • Katrina Epperson

    I had planned to get back on a schedule now that the children are back in school. Not having any luck yet. Not enough hours in the

  • Barbie

    Oh man, I’m not doing too well with my three words. I hope to share about “simply give” soon!

  • Deanna Wiseburn

    I apologize that I got behind on my blog reading and am just now getting the chance to link up. :) Thank God for His grace and mercy for all of us!!

  • vernette

    Melanie, it’s been a really rough month. I really was considering foregoing this month’s post. But then I saw your post and I was like this is what community is about. We are all struggling in different ways and that’s ok. We can always start again.

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  • Kelly Santi

    Melanie, blessings to you and everyone this glorious Fall day! Thank you for the reminder to stand grounded with our word for year! Like others, I have fallen short of my goal in months past and feel that God is always leading us and guiding us, even if off the beaten path! I have had this wonderful opportunity – almost cathartic if you will – to be closer to God’s work with the little people. It’s tedious and a lot of work, but such a simple gift at the same time! Simplicity! <3 Blessings!

  • Flora

    Your month sounds like my entire summer. I hope this month has been better for you.