One Word Linkup! {August?!}


How in the world is in already August?! Craziness!

Is anyone out there still doing their “One Word”? If you are, how is it going?

I have discovered one very important item missing from my quest for “health” this year. I have concentrated on diet and exercise, but have recently read about one important aspect that I completely overlooked.

Any guesses?


I read an article talking about the importance of “quiet”. Now, if you know me in person, “quiet” is not a word that probably comes to mind when you think of me. My home is filled with loud boys. I love to talk. I love to laugh. Quiet is not really my thing. In fact, when I sit quietly for too long, I start thinking of things I need to do to fill the space — chores, laundry, reading, TV, blogging, starting a business, organizing a closet, anything!

Quiet makes me a little nervous.

I mean, just sitting there staring into space? I’m breaking out into hives just thinking about it…

However, I honestly feel like my stress level stays way too high and that I need to work on quieting my spirit. I have absolutely no problem digging into the Word and studying the Bible — in fact, I LOVE it! However, I feel like this month, I just want to work on one thing — quietly listening to God. Just coming before Him in prayer and not rattling off my list of 100 prayer requests, but instead just sitting still before Him. Quietly listening. Quietly seeing His hand in my life and all around me.

Quiet — that’s my “one word” for this month.

Now, how about YOU?! Please tell me what your plans are for the month or how the past month has gone! I would love to hear!

Please link up and share with us!


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  • Amy

    I love that you connected rest with health. I forget this. It gets lost in 50 hour work weeks, ambitious home improvement plans, and busy schedules – yet it’s so vital. Thank you for the reminder!

  • Lisa notes

    I’m good with quiet. :-) Too much activity without quiet mixed in can be overwhelming for me. But I know for those with more extroverted personalities, quiet can be hard. So hoping you get some quality quietness in this month and some rest. It definitely is good for our health!

  • susan

    I’m also a person that needs to often be busy – it’s hard for me to just sit and do nothing, I’ve bee trying to find more time to be quiet in God’s presence – my one word is peace, and boy has it been tested this year. I haven’t found it yet due to circumstances in our family – and I find myself wishing I’d chosen a different word, but maybe all this is to show me that by focusing on my one word, peace, I can learn to have peace in the midst of the chaos…I sure hope so!

  • Alex

    Thank you for keeping this up, Melanie! Since January, I have moved to a new website and blog. I have also wrestled intensely with my word, Grace. Even though it’s a been several good, albeit challenging months, I appreciate the accountability that linking up provides. Isn’t it strange that as soon as we seek a certain thing, the opposite gets thrown at us? What a great learning experience!

  • Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates

    I have no problem with quiet – I love it! Glad you are taking some time to focus on rest – it really is important for your health. Thanks so much for continuing to host this! It helps me to stay on track. :)