Kringle Candle Review (and Coupon Code for Free Shipping!)

Ladies, I have a fun review for you today! I may have a teeny…. tiny…  candle addiction. You too?! I just find it so relaxing to burn a scented candle in the kitchen, or while reading in the bathtub, or when guests are over. Actually, now that I think about it, I can’t think of a time that I would not enjoy candles! First, I have to tell you this interesting story about how Kringle Candle was formed! Kringle Candle is not part of Yankee Candle Company, but the two are “related” only through personal history. Mike Kittredge II founded Yankee in 1969, and when it sold in 1998, he retired from the candle industry. Over ten years later, Mike’s son, Michael “Mick” Kittredge III started Kringle Candle in 2009 as part of a college marketing course! How amazing it that?!


Here’s the really cool thing — Mick’s concept was to make all Kringle Candles white, no matter the fragrance, so as to make them décor-neutral and fit in well with any interior setting. (Thank you, Mick!!! Finally!) Kringle Candles use white wax which glow brightly and release the maximum amount of light, and they also burn cleaner, as there’s no conventional dye to clog the wick. Kringle Candles has a variety of fantastic scents including botanicals, foods, fruits, holiday favorites, and new fragrances for summer 2013! New scents for 2013 include Citrus and Sage, Peony, Sunflower Sunrise, Tranquil Waters, Soothing Cinnamon, and Royal Cherries.


I was very fortunate to get a sneak peek at these gorgeous candles! They are absolutely beautiful and designed to go in any room. The scents are not at all over-powering, and smell very fresh and clean. Also, they burn forever! Their “Daylights” candle is small, but burn approximately 12 hours long! Kringle Candle also offers beautiful Classic Apothecary Jar candles (their most popular candle), two-wick Crystal Pillar candles, Wax Potpourri, and even car Air Fresheners!

Also, a cool little tip is that all of the Kringle Candle jars are reusable!!  At their restaurant, The Farm Table, they use our Apothecary Jars as drinking glasses and the lids of the jars (once the plastic is removed from the lip) as a butter or dipping dish! LOVE this!


If you are looking for a quick home pick-me-up, check out Kringle Candle! These candles are perfect in any home and would make unique and treasured gifts! To learn more, check out the Kringle Candle website or visit them on Facebook (please tell them you are visiting from “Only a Breath” when you “Like” their Facebook page!).

Coupon Code for Free Shipping at

Use code “KringleReview58” for free ground shipping on which will give you a $5.99 credit towards that value if you live in the United States.  I believe ground shipping costs more to ship to Canada but it will still deduct the $5.99 credit!



Disclosure: I received a Kringle Candle review package but was in no way compensated to provide a positive review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Sarah (theGIRL)

    I am a candle girl for real! Thanks for the review…I’d never heard of them before. Now I’m all excited to give them a try! So fun.

  • Angela N Derek Vela


    I came across your website last night and just love scented candles. I give them to my friends as gift and decorate my hose with them. I am decorating my kitchen with lavender flowers, and candles that give this beautiful lavender scent as well. Your website is beautiful. It makes me feel at home. Many blessings to you today! :)