One Word Linkup {may}

How’s your “One Word” going? Are you still trucking along or do you hardly remember your “one word”? :) Keep going, sweet friends! Today is a fresh start!


My “one word” is HEALTH, and today I am SICK. Not good. I have found that eating good foods is really quite easy for me. Sometimes I fall off the wagon and eat junk, but overall I think that part is doing pretty well. I am trying to rest more and stay conscious of my stress level. I feel really good about those baby steps, so that’s progress, right?


Can I be honest? Exercise is just not going well.




In my mind, I am a runner. In reality, I hate the treadmill, and I just watch the timer the whole time until I can jump off. I would rather read a book than lift weights. I don’t run outside because I’m scared of dogs. Yoga makes me go a little nutty because I am just thinking about my to do list. It’s even been difficult to do a fitness DVD without breaking an ankle on a little matchbox car left behind on the floor by my boys.


I know this sounds like a million excuses. It is. I am very disciplined in every area of my life except exercise. I just completely lack self-discipline there. I also get frustrated because I want to see results faster — like couch potato to marathon runner in 2 weeks. It’s just not realistic, but this is honestly my “all or nothing” approach.

So, this month I am setting ONE goal — to do 10 minutes of *something, anything* every day that is active. Walking, stretching, lifting, running, etc.

10 minutes for 30 days.

I know for some of you, this may seem like a joke, but honestly this will be a stretch for me. Baby steps… baby steps…

I’m just being honest.

How’s your one word going? What’s your biggest struggle? Could we gather around you to pray for you, encourage you, or help you find baby steps to make progress in the coming month?


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  • Ashley

    Eating healthy is a great step! I am pretty terrible about that! I know my one word isn’t Health, but I think i will join you on your 10 minutes a day for 30 day challenge. Surely I can do something for 10 minutes everyday!!!!

  • ~ linda

    This exercise thing is SO ME!!!! I can truly relate, Melanie! : ) Gotta smile! The baby steps are good. Actually, that is what I am doing too. I finished physical therapy for the hip replacement surgery and now need to keep using that hip, but carefully. So I have just started to go to the community center gym two or three days a week, using only one or two pieces of equipment and going ever-so-slowly! BUT, even this is already a stretch! : ) Thanks for the encouragement…REALLY! I am not alone nor are you! loving you, ~ linda

  • Deanna Wiseburn
  • Cindy

    Thank you for sharing, Melanie! I pray for your wholeness by the stripes Jesus bore for you. I think your 10 minutes a day is a very good idea. I will try that. Small steps are good. I do remember by “One word.” It is Cling. i am often reminded of it, and think I am doing a little better with clinging to Jesus. :) I need to be more consistent. :) God bless you!

  • Kathleen

    Just so you know, you are not alone… 10 minutes a day. I can handle that. I like to walk. To heck with running, walking is my thing. In the winter it is a super challenge because of where I live and there is nothing in this world more boring than a treadmill. Well, it makes a nice clothes hanger 😉 Have a wonderful day!

  • Dawn

    As an Personal Trainer I think 10 minutes a day is an awesome place to find a steady beat…or path. I have worked with mini programs and think realistic goal setting that is attainable is so much more positive in taking positive steps to health. Keep on, Mel! Will be linking at some point.

  • Laura Rath

    I think 10 min. per day is a great goal! It makes a difference. I never saw myself as a gym person. I wasn’t even much of an exercise person, although I tried to tell myself I was in shape. (Even I didn’t believe it.) It has been a progression over 4 years that I’m to where I am now. I go to the gym 3-5 days a week, and what keeps me going is that I can read while on the cardio machines. Listening to music wasn’t enough, I got bored too quickly. But being able to read on my Kindle or even a physical book not only gets me there (time to myself, time to read) but sometimes keeps me on the machine longer because I want to finish the chapter.
    Thanks for hosting the link-up!

  • Lisa notes

    I love your 10 minutes a day goal. A great idea! I can handle the exercise though; it’s the food that I struggle with. Glad you’re doing well in that area.

    My husband has committed to exercising 30 minutes, 4 times a week, for 30 days. That’s been great for me because I get to tag along when he goes for walks through the neighborhood. It’s always easier when you have a partner.

  • Marietta Warkentin

    I can so relate! And it is harder when your children are young. My doctor told me yesterday my A1C test is high again-encroaching the diabetes II point. I had it down but got lazy in the winter months.Back to watching calories, and my best exercise is to ride my bike a half hour in am and a half hour later in the day.I enjoy being outside, take different routes every time to mix it up.

  • Chelle

    I am telling you, you need the Can You 24 DVD. 24 minutes and done! Plus, it’s a great workout and goes by quickly. As a personal trainer, I am picky, and don’t take instruction from others well. But this is one fitness DVD I really enjoy. Plus, you can pick your own intensity level, etc. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me.

  • http:/ LadyD

    So glad to hear you are exercising. I changed my attitude towards working out because so many folks are not able to do physically what we can do. So for now, by the grace of God, I am soaring through my struggles. Blessings to you and your readers.

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  • Barbie

    I think you’re doing great! You inspire me!

  • Audrey

    I thought I was the ONLY person who thought this way about exercise, but I’ve just discovered I’m not! I might just join you in your 30 day/10min per day regimen. Been trying to get moving for the longest while. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Beth

    I have discovered the joy of exercising on a stationary bike while reading a great book at the same time. Those minutes just fly on by! Thought I’d share since you said you’d take a book over lifting weights. I don’t get by here very often and haven’t done well with keeping up on sharing with how things are going with my one word (Embrace), but glad to be here today. Blessings to you, Melanie.