How to Host an Online / Facebook Pampered Chef Party!

First, thank you for all of your wonderful comments and emails about Pampered Chef! I am so grateful for your encouragement, and you’re making me even more excited!!!

I’m getting lots of questions about how to host an online / Facebook Pampered Chef Party. I have a “rule of 3″ so I figure if at least three people ask me the same question, there may be others who are thinking it too! (By the way, please don’t be shy! Feel free to email my ANY time for ANY reason — I love hearing from you! It’s my favorite thing about blogging!)

So, in case you were wondering, too…. hosting an Online / Facebook Pampered Chef Party is super easy and fun! I like it because you can invite friends and family that live all over the country, and you don’t have to find one time that works with everyone’s schedules! (AND online parties let everyone go shopping in pajamas… actually, that’s my favorite part!) :)

Here is how it works:
To host a Facebook Party, I will set up an online “catalog” party on my site with your name so you will get credit for each order that comes in. Then, I will create a Facebook “Event” which has instructions for how to order, special deals/promotions, recipes, photos, games, etc. to make it fun! People can order through the link for your party directly online at any time before the deadline for your show (usually about a week is good).
So, all you will need to do is “invite” friends to your online party! You can invite friends on your personal facebook, your blog’s facebook, link to the facebook party from your blog, email friends, etc. I can even mail you a physical catalog if you have friends at church, work, etc. that would rather order from a catalog instead of online. That’s completely up to you. :)
Then, you get the host specials! :) (That’s the great part about hosting!!!) In a catalog show, the order total just has to be at least $150 to get the host specials. The host specials are free shipping on your personal order, *at least* a 15% discount, and exclusive offers available only to the host. As the party total goes up, you also have the opportunity to get FREE products!
HostRewards hostspecial
Just a note — the $150 party total does not include shipping/handling charges, the host order, or tax. Pampered Chef only ships to U.S. residents.
That’s all there is to it! Please email me at Melanie (at) OnlyABreath (dot) com if you would like for me to one up for you (and if you would like for me to mail you a catalog)!