Monthly One Word Linkup Party! {february}


I like to put things in little boxes.

I actually love to organize … my closets, my schedule, my life.

Just last month, when I chose “health” to be my one word for 2013, I immediately recognized the need for a new little box in my life. I was missing the “health” box, so I excitedly got a shiny new box, wrapped it in pink paper, launched a new blog (“Real Food Experiment“), and announced to the world that 2013 would be the year that I would start to get healthy!

Woo hoo!


However, this past month has taught me that not everything in life can be put into it’s own box.

I started the Real Food Experiment blog because “Only a Breath” (my baby) is my “faith” blog. It seemed strange to mix food and faith, because I reasoned, that they are completely different things. Being healthy and eating well has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus Christ and the hope we have in Him.

…. or does it?

Your comments first made me think about this question. Many of you said that not only are health and faith related, but many insisted that the two are in fact inseparable.

As I journeyed through the chaos of this past month (has anyone noticed I’ve been missing in action? I’ll tell you the story if you’re interested….), I realized that I have to stop treating my health like it’s some “separate” little part of my life that I can just take out once a week and pet, then put it back into its little box for the week.

Every day…. every breath… every bite… every step….

It’s actually all an offering to Him, isn’t it?

So this is the crossroads I face. I must figure out how to live at the intersection of health and faith… and how to share it with you. My thought today is to close “Real Food Experiment” and incorporate all of the food/health information I am learning periodically into this blog, not to turn away readers or make anyone feel guilty if they are reading my blog while eating Oreo’s (and you certainly should go for that every once in a while!)… but just to share my journey with you.

I welcome your thoughts, sweet friends… and I’ve missed you this week!

How has your month been so far with your “one word”? What do you have planned for the rest of the month? Please link up and share with us!


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Who’s with me? Let’s link up, sweet friends! Please “Share” this post too so more people can join us! I can’t wait to read all about what is going on with your “one word” choices!

  • Tammy Perlmutter

    Hey Melanie, I posted my one word check-in two weeks ago, can I link it up anyway? A few of us are doing the first Monday of the month.

    • Melanie

      Yes! Anytime! :)

  • Renee @ Great Peace

    As I read your post, this thought kept coming to mind.
    2 Corinthians:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 6 and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.

    “brining EVERY thought Captive to the obedience of Christ” that would include thoughts about our health. I never thought of it like that before until reading your post. So thanks for that encouragement.

    • Melanie

      LOVE this!!! Thank you for pointing this out! :)

  • Lisa notes

    Love that you will be integrating your health and faith blogs–all one life! And also that you don’t mind if we eat our Oreos as we read. :-) I’m good at that.

    My One Word 2013 is Jesus–so I was blessed this month to find a new small group at my church called “Love them like Jesus”. I joined. I blogged about another event though this month, so maybe at next month’s check-in I’ll have stories about my new group.

    Thanks for hosting us! In past years I’ve *intended* to do more scheduled updates for my One Word, but didn’t. Maybe this year, with the accountability of this link-up, I will.

  • Piper

    Thank you for sharing your heart! I love this link up! Visiting others posts/blogs is like sitting with a friend for a moment over coffee!!

  • Dawn

    Melanie, even as a trainer I find myself hard pressed at times on the journey to balance faith and fitness- I have done the extremes for sure…but the balance. The combining the living and moving and having our being in it- in this crazy world which is so focused on the external and results…I try to bring that balance that I seek to my approach in Fitness. ANyway- missed you but knew you were probably busy – as I have been BALANCING…and still learning what to Release (my One word!) but I will link up this weekend or asap! So glad you are doing the monthly prompt! Thanks, In His Grace, Dawn

  • Krystle

    Read Made to Crave!! It might not be exactly the same since hers was a story of weight loss, but the connection from food to God is amazing. Highly recommend! Glad you are back!

  • Deanna Wiseburn

    I totally understand as I like to try to compartmentalize my life. Until the other week I was trying to manage 3 blogs, and didn’t have enough content to keep all three going regularly, so I recently decided to combine 2 of them. They remain separate from my faith blog, only because they are more about reviewing books and hobbies. There are occasions where I post about my hobbies on my faith blog as it refers to lessons I have learned. But I don’t want to bog my faith blog with unrelated posts. However I do see where health and faith intersect. In fact I have been rather tempted to include my health stuff on my faith blog…except I have trackers on my other blog that would detract from the look and feel of my faith blog. So I have settled on not combining the two completely, but I do write about my health goals on my faith blog, I just also post some of it on the other blog.

    It is important I think to realize that how we treat our bodies is important to God, and I have had the idea to post something on my faith blog about that…just been letting the idea percolate a bit. How we dress, how we eat, whether we are healthy, all are important as our bodies are a temple for God.

    Right now my body isn’t the best temple, but positive steps in the right direction, those I feel God is pleased with.

  • Deanna Wiseburn

    Also I would love to know where you have been, been missing you. :)

  • Sandy Sandmeyer

    This month has nearly been unbearable with our house sale falling through, yet again. We have buyer #4 (!) at bat now. I can’t wait the move to the new apartment and to sell this house. To God be the glory!!!

  • LadyD

    Health is important to me. Rejoice with me, I am cancer free!

    • june

      I am rejoicing with you. I will be at my 4 1/2 year mark in April. Counting your blessings along with mine.

  • Nonnie aka Scrappy Grams

    I have read something recently that says just that very thing. One thought that I had not seen in the light of- we are each a part of the body of Christ. So we should treat our bodies with care because He is a part of us. It’s made me think more about what I eat. So your health and food certainly do belong right here.!
    blessed be,

  • Melanie Wilson

    I think we may be twins separated at birth. LOL I really laughed when I read that you thought you needed a separate blog and then second-guessed it. Been there, done that! I do have a separate blog now, but it really is a separate thing. I think you’ll be very happy incorporating the health one here. Thanks again for the button and the link-up. I think it’s great! God bless…

  • Tammy Skipper (@Tammy_Skipper)

    I don’t have advice on how to mix the two ideas but I completely understand wanting to keep them together…I find it hard to ‘niche’ my blog writing because I see the connectedness of everything :) I’m just glad I found your blog with the MyOneWord button offer…your words are a blessing here. Thank you.

  • Barbie

    Oh friend, I do believe that you should allow your health and faith journey to intersect. It is all one in the same journey and I do believe they go together. I am finding that I have to bring my faith into my eating habits and my health, for without God, I cannot do this. Perhaps set aside one day a week to post on health? I am sort of doing this on my blog with my “Step by Step” posts. I am working on a post for the link up and hope to have it soon.

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  • Amanda

    Melanie, you are exactly right. For years I suffered from Bulimia… and that ran its course through over eating (I would binge without the purge) even as a Christian I struggled with my ‘separate life’, topping out at a whopping 265lbs. One day, I can’t explain how, but God got a hold of me. He told me that what I do in private, He still sees. He told me that when I hurt myself, He cares. He showed me how he wanted me to be the best I could be, not for me, but for Him. He showed me how my health was deteriorating and he wanted to use me in a more healthy state.

    I began a painful journey, my disorder had gone on soo long, it was an addiction. But when I grabbed onto Jesus, gave Him my choices and focused on a healthier body He gave me a powerful testimony. In that time of self sacrifice with my eyes on the King, my husband came to Christ and we were called into missions work! And now, for the past 2 years, I walk almost everywhere out of necessity. Something I couldn’t have done in my previous state. God’s care and guidance for my health has made the life I have now possible. Do I still battle? Yes. But my victories are more frequent and more wonderful than ever.

    I know you aren’t battling an eating disorder… but you are looking to do something that many other woman are looking to do too. Many who think they need to do it on their own as well…. whether for health or for weight or for any other reason. But if they can come here, to this wonderful faith-filled blog and see one woman who is making new choices, through prayer and trust in Jesus, they can see they are never alone… even in the quiet corners of the biggest house. God will help them through… and He is showing that to you now as well.

    It isn’t about diet, it is about health. You see that, you feel called to share that, and you are also seeing Who called you to it… definitely don’t leave Him out of any step of this process.

    I hope my reply helps. God bless you as you step out with the Lord in Health-ful explorations!

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