School Memories FREE Printable!

This idea for a FREE printable came from Tracy at Sharp Moments. If you have an idea for a free printable, let me know! I would love to make printables people are interested in using!

With the end of the school year approaching, it is important to capture all of your children’s memories. School years seem to go by so quickly, and I want my children to remember their friends, the fun they had together, field trips, and just rejoice with them as they grow and learn!

There’s no need to purchase a school memories book. You can easily make one at home using free printables like the ones below!

Each printable (one for girls and one for boys) contains space to record information about your child (including their signature so you can see how it changes over the years, the date, height, weight, age, favorite hobbies, and what they want to be when they grow up!). It also contains open space where you can easily attach a photo of your child. At the bottom, it has a school section where they can record their teacher’s name, favorite subject, best friends, and school memories.

I hope you enjoy!

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For Girls:

For Boys: (designed with the help of my boys)

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    Those are really cute! Great idea, thanks!!