Rainy Day Fun! {Treasure Hunt…. Arrr Matey!}

When Mommy has been sick, Daddy is on a trip, and it’s a cold, rainy weekend…. sometimes, you have to get a little creative!

I was so happy to read a great idea by the handmade home — have a treasure hunt in your home! She even includes some adorable printable treasure “maps” that you can use for “clues”.

… I was lazy (and still medicated) and just used blue sticky notes…

To have your own treasure hunt:

1. Find brave pirates! I have two super-cute ones, fierce and ready on a rainy Saturday morning in their pajamas… :)

2. Distract them! I turned on a movie (and bumped up the volume a bit louder than normal) to keep their attention and prevent them from hearing what I was doing…. Oooh, I feel so sneaky!

3. Use printable treasure maps, sticky notes, or just scraps (Arrr, Matey! Those “scraps” are pieces of ancient, buried treasure maps!) and think of creative places to hide them. On each one, write a clue to where the next one is hidden. Some ideas:

  • Hurry! This clue is getting very cold! (hidden in the refrigerator)
  • Zzzzz…. This clue is comfy, cozy in bed… (hidden in one of their beds)
  • Wow, this clue is having tons of fun at its birthday “potty”! (… yep, taped on the back of the potty)

4. Think of a treasure you already have…. I thought about using snacks, stuffed animals, even a couple dollar bills, but decided on balloons! I blew up about 10 balloons I already had and filled the bathtub with them! (Be sure to close the doors for all of the rooms to keep the suspense!)

5. Send the brave pirates off on their adventure!

Isaac is our official "clue reader" -- Check out the pirate pajamas!

Mommy, there are BALLOONS in our BATHTUB!!! HA!!

Taking a "balloon bath" -- "That was FUN, Mommy! Let's do it again!"

Thank to “the handmade home” for such a great idea!

Try a treasure hunt in your home! It’s so much fun!

….. p.s. Don’t tell your children about the “big treasure hunt” you’re planning too much in advance. I told my kids on Friday night, and they were ready to go….

at 5:30 AM

on Saturday morning





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