Free Customizable Chore Chart for Kids!

I created a new summer chore chart for Isaac and thought I would share it in case you would also like to print it out and use it with your children, too!

The chore chart is a weekly chart and has a cute summer graphic (which Isaac helped choose). I divided up the list of chores into “Morning“, “Afternoon“, and “Evening” to help Isaac remember his tasks. It also has space on the right for a “Verse of the Week“, “Manner of the Week“, and “Extra“. The “Extra” space can be used to keep track of extra tasks your child does if you want to reward them with a special treat, or for an extra task that needs special attention this week (like working on learning to tie shoes).

The downloadable chore chart will not have a name at the top and does not have a list of chores so that you can customize it to your child’s specific tasks.

*** Click here (SummerChoreChart) to download the customizable summer chore chart for FREE! *** Please be patient as the download completes…

***UPDATE: Click here (SummerChoreChart) to download a Word document (.docx) format that you can edit on your computer!

This FREE downloadable summer chore chart is available as a .pdf file. You will need the free Adobe Reader in order to open and print this file. It is formatted to be printed in “Landscape” format. I hope you will enjoy!


  • Trisha

    This is very cute, Melanie! I use the ChorePacks, but I do like your extra spaces for verse and manner of the week and the extra. Great idea!

    • Melanie

      thanks, Trisha!

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  • Sarah Forgrave

    Wow, what a great chart! Thanks for sharing! Off to download it now… :)

    • Melanie

      Thanks, Sarah! Please let me know if you have any trouble with the download. This is the first time I’ve offered a download so hopefully I did it right! :-)

      Have a great weekend!

  • Melanie

    Thanks so much for this GREAT chore chart! I didn’t have any problem downloading it! Great idea! My children are homeschooled and I’ve been looking for a way to be better organized with their chores! Thanks a bunch!!

    • Melanie

      YAY!!!! :-) That’s wonderful! You just made my whole night! I’m so happy that it’s helpful. I know I’ve been trying to get organized with Isaac’s chores too, and he thinks this chart is really fun. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I hope to make another one for ‘back to school’. Have a great night!

  • Melanie

    I hope you don’t mind if I share on my blog??? I have tons of friends with small children that would LOVE this!! :)

    • Melanie

      Yes, sweet friend! Please send them over!!! That would be wonderful!!! :-) Also, be sure to register for emails and let your friends know that everyone who registers for email is automatically entered to win $100 — giveaway ends next Sunday! :-)

  • Danelle

    I love this chore chart Melanie! Planning to print it! Thanks so much!

  • ColleenwithMurals&More

    How wonderful! My 3 boys are grown{ish} but I did a chore chart for them when they were small – waaay before blogging. Ha – waaay before the internet too!

    It worked great as long as Dad & I stayed up on it. Which we did, for about a month. :( Now I get the biggest kick hearing my son trying to get HIS son to clean up.

    Ah. Life is wonderful.

  • kelly

    I hope this is the right space for responding to the giveaways…if not, please let me know…
    I love the inner circle necklace on the rusted chain. I also subscribed to them and like them on facebook.

  • Learn to Fly

    Cuteee! Thank you very much for sharing!