Confessions of a Recovering Approval Addict


At 4:00 this morning, God and I were having a brutally honest conversation. I’m not sure what woke me up in the first place, but I’m thankful for the silent alarm that stirred my soul from sleep. “I just don’t know what you want me to do“, I confessed, mentally listing all of the different […]

Would Jesus Survive in Corporate America?


My 9-to-5 is in corporate America where I work as a software developer. After 15 years of sitting at a desk every day, working hard to meet deadlines, and enduring numerous meetings, I’ve come to one conclusion. “Humility” is a bad word in corporate America. To get in the door to a professional job, college […]

5 Steps to a Fun Family Movie Night at Home!


Family Movie Night is one of my family’s favorite weekend events. After a busy week of work and school, we love to unwind with a good, clean movie that makes us all laugh. Rather than pay expensive theatre prices, we prefer to watch movies at home — an added plus is an unlimited supply of […]

Prayers for America #PrayForAmerica #July4 #GodBlessAmerica


Would you join me in committing to pray for our country every day in July? No matter what you political party affiliations, we can all join together as one heart in prayer for our country and our leaders. There are countless ways to pray for our country, but if you need some ideas, here are […]