Speak Life. (reminder to myself today)

speak life

Y’all, can I just share what’s on my heart today? Because it is eating away at me….  Yesterday morning, I went to the Urgent Care (yay for kids passing along strep  ha!), and the nurse, an older lady, started talking to me while taking my blood pressure. She asked about my kids, since I mentioned […]

GIVEAWAY: gMovies! {Plus free 2 week trial for everyone!}


Do you ever get frustrated, trying to find decent family-friendly entertainment at home? It seems like there is nothing on TV any more than isn’t just pure filth! That’s why I am SO excited to offer each of you a free (no strings attached!) 2 week trial of gMovies! Plus, one lucky winner will receive […]

Gone With The Wind {must read classic}

Gone With The Wind Book

I just finished reading Gone With The Wind for the first time, and I feel like I just said goodbye to an old friend. The movie is visually stunning and, of course, is a classic Hollywood film. However, I have to say that the movie dulls in comparison to reading the whole novel. [keep reading for […]

Tips for Planning a Walt Disney World Family Vacation

Tips for planning a Disney World Family Vacation

Summer is almost here! That means it is time to plan a fun family vacation, and I have some great tips on how to plan for a fun Walt Disney World vacation! 1. Start Planning Early! If you are thinking about going to Disney World, one of the most important things to do is to […]

What Does It Mean To Be a Modern Southern Belle?

What Does It Mean to Be a Southern Belle?

Several years ago, one of my co-workers from CA said that every time my name is mentioned, this person has an automatic word association with modern “Southern Belle”. I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or an insult at the time, but now, I figure God made each of us unique. Maybe you’re not […]

50 Fun Things to Do This Spring!

50 fun things to do this spring

Spring is often the season that gets most rushed-through here in the South. We’ve endured the gray coldness of winter, and many times the first day of Spring brings such hot temperatures that we believe we’ve gone straight to summer! I’m determined to enjoy this beautiful season with my family, and I hope your family […]

5 Tips to Make New Friends (as an adult) #friendship

5 tips to make new friends as an adult

Do you think it’s harder or easier to make friends as an adult, compared to when you were a child? For me, I think years of baggage have made me very cautious around new groups of women. I call it “Mean-Girl-Phobia”. I have to be honest, I did NOT want to go to the Ladies […]

Misadventures of Princess Sydney #ReadingIsFun #LoveYourPetDay


Today is national “Love Your Pet Day”, and we don’t actually have any pets in our home *yet* (besides two wild little boys!). However, my boys absolutely love dogs — we watch dog movies, think of dog names because we are planning to get a dog, and most recently, read dog books! I’m so excited […]

“Only a Breath” is NOW …. “Southern Melle”


Hi, friends! The change from “Only a Breath” to “Southern Melle” is almost complete! I’m so excited to share some new posts with you from my new home. I hope you’ll come over and check out my new site at SouthernMelle.com! If you access any of my old posts, it should take you directly over […]